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Celebrate the Legend, the Icon - Cher! 

Live vocals, live band, eight costume changes, Cher’s incredible story, and six decades of hits – all in one spectacular, interactive multimedia experience!

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Hear what people say about the Tribute Artist of the Year:

Donnie Osmond and Lisa

Donny Osmond

American singer, dancer, actor, television host and former teen idol.

"Wow! Having worked with Cher in the past, Lisa is fantastic as Cher and I would recommend checking out her show!”


The Beat Goes On Show wishes to continually be a part of the community as a responsible and active proponent of creating joy and empowerment, prompting hope, and elevating the human spirit through music. We want our audience to leave one of our shows feeling alive and inspired to let go and feel alive!

We are a global community driven festival celebrating movement, music, and soul healing.

Lisa McClowry Headshot


As the producer and lead singer/actress of “The Beat Goes On” Cher show celebrating Cher's extraordinary life and music, I am proud to portray a woman who empowers other women. Like Cher, who brilliantly played the real lives of strong women in the movies Silkwood and Mask, I am blessed with the opportunity to portray the real life of Cher — the singing voice, the look, the walk, the talk, a living, breathing, powerful, and vulnerable human being.


Who can forget Cher’s performance in the critically hailed drama Silkwood, where she portrays the real life of activist Dusty Ellis, aka Dolly Pelliker. Brilliant! She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. In the motion picture Mask, Cher portrays the real life of Rusty Dennis, the mother of a boy with a facial deformity. She won the Cannes Film Festival Award as Best Actress. She deserved an Oscar as well. I remember watching and reading interviews where Cher talked about the preparation and research it took to play the roles of these women. She described the work as important to her and an intense responsibility to be good. She was so proud, and understandably so.


So thank you, Cher, for your outstanding career and empowering women to take chances, let go, and say exactly what is on their minds. You lead by example. As a female producer, singer, and actress in the business and for “The Beat Goes On” Cher show, playing Cher has brought my inner strength to the surface. Playing her larger-than-life qualities while keeping it real with vulnerability. I hope to meet her someday.

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